Whether you are looking to freshen up for people visiting your home or simply want to begin this Spring with a clean space, you are going to want your carpets professionally cleaned. If you are looking to rent a carpet cleaner and do-it-yourself… you are in the wrong place. However, if you are looking for a professional carpet cleaner in Crossville that shows up on time and does the job right, then you are in the right place.

You’ll get the best carpeting cleaning in Crossville without the broken promises and lack of results you may have experienced in the past. Read more about or carpet cleaning process below or call us today for a free no obligation quote right now.

Residential And Commercial Carpet Cleaning Crossville TN

Floorcovering Technologies has developed a 9 Step Carpet Cleaning Process that insures maximum soil, stain & spot removal. Experience our exclusive Speed Dry Service* included with ALL carpet cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning In Crossville

Done Right The 1st Time, One Step At A Time

Step 1: Initial Inspection

Here is where our 9 step carpet cleaning process begins. The initial inspection of your carpet is to make you aware of any obvious and some not so obvious stains, soil patterns and potentially challenging areas.

Step 2: Pre-Treating of Traffic Areas

Traffic Lane Cleaner is applied to loosen the soil for more effective removal.

Step 3: Pre-Treatment of Spots & Stains

Stubborn and obvious spots require special attention for complete removal and to avoid “setting” the stain. This step is not cause for an additional charge. The price we quoted before we began the cleaning process IS the price you pay. This is where less-reputable cleaners offer a low price to get in the door, but “add-ons” gouge the homeowner.

Step 4: Soil Suspension

A Carpet Rake is used to loosen the soils so that the carpet pile is not exposed to aggressive cleaning and excessive water is not used.

Step 5: Clean Water Extraction

Now that the soil has been properly “suspended”, we extract with clean, clear HOT water. All the soil and cleaning solution is removed to our unit outside. NO residue is left behind to attract soil.

Step 6: Application of Protective Coatings

Factory added Soil Protectors wear off over time and leave your carpet vulnerable to stains and soiling. (link to bottom of page for details) The Value of Protective Coatings

Step 7: *Speed Dry Service

We set up our Velo* dryers, moving them from room to room as we work to get a “Jump Start” on the drying process.

Step 8: Final Grooming

Final grooming of the carpet leaves the pile in one direction for optimal drying and visual appeal.

Step 9: Final Inspection

A final walk through with you, insures your satisfaction with our services. A happy, satisfied client is our best advertising! We appreciate your referrals to family & friends!

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Dan B from Monterey, TN

“When my last tenants moved out I thought for sure I was going to have to replace the carpet. The stains and dirty traffic patterns were horrible. I didn’t think there was any way it would come clean. Well Larry proved me wrong and saved my carpet! I feel like I’m in the wrong house, I just can’t believe it.”

Jessica J from Crossville, TN

“My 11 year old Pomeranian started having accidents in my master bedroom. I used spot cleaner and it looked like it went away, but the next day the smell and stain would be back. I am so impressed with the work that Larry did. He got the stains and smell out and let me tell you, they haven’t come back!”

Watch this video from Fox News and start taking your shoes off at the door. After watching this short clip, you will want to vacuum 1x per week and get your carpets cleaned regularly. This is reason enough to keep your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, especially if you have young children that are crawling around on your carpets….or even pets. Take care of your health! We are here to help.

Pet Stains And The Odor They Produce…. Your Problem?

Often times, the pet urine has penetrated the carpeting deeper than it appears. It is possible to go beyond the carpet fibers, into the backing of the carpet and even into the padding. Severe cases will reach the sub-flooring. Color loss is a permanent result as well. The most severe cases may require treating the sub-floor and replacing carpet and padding.

However, Don’t Panic! Floorcovering Technologies has an arsenal of tools and products to offer a solution to your situation. We use a Urine Pre-treat on the carpet fibers prior to the cleaning process. We can inject a Urine Neutralizer into the backing and padding for the tougher cases. Please be aware that our years of experience cannot match the intent of a persistent pet!

Protective Coatings For Carpets

Your NEW carpet came with a factory applied soil protectant during the manufacturing process. There are 2 primary ways that it is removed over time…

Regular foot traffic
We live in our homes! Simply by living in your home and walking on your carpet, the factory-applied protectant wears off. The length of time that takes depends on the number of people and pets in your home, whether you take your shoes off at the door or if you walk barefoot.

High alkaline cleaners
Hire a professional! We are certified by the IICRC, so we are trained in the latest tools, products and procedures. We evaluate your carpet for fiber content & soil type. We have the best cleaning solutions on our truck at all times to address YOUR carpet and its inherent qualities.

Soil is abrasive to the carpet fibers and cuts the fibers like a knife. This damaging soil bonds to unprotected carpet. Applying carpet protector at each cleaning “fills in the damaged fibers” making them smooth again so that soil cannot easily bond, much like hair conditioner works to repair “split ends”.

5 Reasons to have Carpet Protector applied:

  1. Reduces permanent stains
    Unprotected carpet does not repel soil and spills like treated carpet. Carpet that has been treated with Dupont Teflon* gives the ability to remove spots and spills more effectively and reduce permanent staining.
  2. Save High Traffic areas
  3. Spots and spills are easier to remove
  4. Your next professional cleaning will be more effective
  5. Avoid costly service calls

Carpet Protector will increase the life of your carpet and keep it looking better, longer!