Ceramic Tile and Grout cleaning without the headache and hard work you’ll do for minimal results.

Have you ever gotten the itch to rearrange the furniture in your living room, only to be alarmed at the color difference between the tile under your area rug compared to the part you walk on everyday? You have company coming over and suddenly you’re faced with two options: move EVERYTHING back to the way you’ve had it for years, or pull out your scrubbers and old toothbrushes, roll up your sleeves, and get to work trying to make that tile look new again.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning Crossville TN

The problem with both of these scenarios is:
1) that room probably needed a revamp, (so don’t move it back!) and
2) elbow grease will only get you minimal results (at best), while completely wearing you out.

You might want to go with scenario 3…. Leaving it to the professionals!

A quick and painless phone call to us will put the task at hand in our care, leaving you free to do….well, really whatever you’d like. And since we never leave a job until the results meet up to both your standards and ours, there’s nothing left to worry about (besides maybe what to prepare for your soon arriving dinner guests).

Tile & Grout cleaning
Remarkable end result! Our 5 Step process includes:

  • Application of Alkaline or Acid based cleaner depending on the soil level and type of tile.
  • Pre-Scrub with a Triple Head Rotating Buffer
  • Grout Treatment & Scrubbing
  • Pressure Cleaning of Tile & Grout
  • Speed Dry

Tile & Grout Sealant can be applied 24 hours after the pressure cleaning process. The grout must be completely dry to avoid sealing in moisture

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Kim S. from Fairfield Glade, TN

“I just could not believe how clean he was able to get my tile to look! I wish I had called them even sooner!”

Michele W. from Crossville TN

“Larry made the tile & even the grout look almost new again!! Very fair pricing we were super pleased.”